Welcome to MedNet, Inc.

Now is the time to start putting existing technology to work for you. MedNet, Inc. provides a number of services that will change the way you do business. The future is now. MedNet, Inc. provides a number of services that will change the way Medical Providers Manage their businesses.

MedNet is a Physician & DME Medical Billing Specialist. We fully know the hassles involved with billing for surgical specialist and Durable Medical Equipment: Medicare Part B Billing, Primary, Secondary, Managed Care and Private Pay Billing. Not to mention asset management, inventory control, tracking payments, prescription control and staying current with regulation changes and compliance issues.

As you are aware, there are countless “headaches” involved in maximizing reimbursement for patient care and the supply of durable medical equipment. So, we have developed the “pill” that will prevent the “headaches”! Through our combined 40+ years of Medicare claim processing, Physician Billing and DME experience, we have designed a “painless” alternative to hiring, training, managing and maintaining a billing department.

The system MedNet has been developing over the past twenty years is designed to assist Physicians and DME providers in the daily operation of their business. We provide a high level of customer service while collecting all the information necessary to meet the stringent compliance requirements placed on this industry by government agencies and the insurance industry.

MedNet provides consulting services coupled with a method of operating and analyzing the business to make it better. The MedNet system has extensive capabilities to accommodate the procedures required by Medical Practices and the Durable Medical Equipment business.