DME Billing Services

For Durable and Home Medical Equipment.






Including medical equipment for diabetics, drug therapy and wound care.

Increase cash flow and revenue by utilizing MedNet’s outsourced billing service for Durable Medical Equipment.

What we do:

Eliminate the daunting task of determining patient eligibility, checking into deductibles and copayments.

Stay up to date with constantly changing regulations, documentation requirements and changes in billing procedures.

Hold valuable information and resources to stay ahead of Medicare and Medicaid changes.

Ensure a higher rate of successful claims and a reduction in rejected claims due to coding errors and missing documentation.

Determine submissions to primary and secondary insurance companies without the nightmares.

Effectively deal with workers compensation, Medicare, Medicaid, reviews and even hearings.

Help you to get paid faster for home medical equipment through proper electronic submissions.

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We have over 40 years experience in the DME billing arena.

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