Signature Client Interface & Scheduler

The Signature product is a web-based software that allows client access to patient data and scheduling options.  Each client has different scheduling rules and requirements. For this reason the software is designed to be customizable for your specific needs. Depending on what you need, features can be turned on and off with ease. You will not get a large complicated software to use where 90% of the features you will never use. Instead it will contain just those features and functionality you need to run your company. The system can be use to generate any form needed from Superbills to Delivery Tickets including capturing digital signatures and eliminating actual paperwork,
since all forms and attachments are stored in the system.

Appointment Book Features

The scheduler features a number of key items including all of the following:

  1. A viewing pane displaying the appointment book grid. The grid features a department or departments selected by a patient, each department’s slot schedule and scheduled appointments, and a summary of the number of slots filled with appointments compared to the total number of slots on the department’s schedule.
  2. The selected date, type of schedule view, and selected department(s) are listed above the grid.
  3. The view parameters are displayed in a horizontal bar directly below the grid. The bar contains options for viewing both Multiple Department and Single Department view styles, and additional parameters for the Multi-Day views of each.
  4. Along the bottom of the window is a department selection box on the left corner, an appointment details box to the right of that, a calendar and refresh option, a series of buttons, and a box for quick navigation by a number of days from the selected date.
  5. Appointment slots are colored based on the color setting of the Appointment Type for that particular slot. If no appointment type is specified, the department’s “Default” color is used for available slots, or a white background is used for full slots.

Context Menu

The appointment book also includes a right-click context menu to perform individual actions on an appointment or patient.

If there are existing appointments on the schedule, clicking once with the left-hand mouse button on an appointment will populate the appointment detail box with information about the appointment and patient. The patient’s name in this box is clickable, and will open the patient’s Demographics profile and history.

Patient Demographics

The Patient Demographics screen consists of multiple tabs, each containing portions of the full demographics details for the patient. Click through these tabs by clicking the tab header to see what information each tab contains. After a patient has been entered or updated, click the “Save” button or press [F5] to save the patient to the database.

Once a patient has been selected in the demographics page (either by selecting an existing patient or creating a new one) a user my select one of the function keys at the top of the screen. The function keys will allow you to access additional functionality relating to the selected patient, such as editing Insurance profiles, viewing a patient’s Appointment History, creating Recall alerts for a patient, viewing a patient’s Clinical/Billing and Appointment Alerts, or other functions. Click one of these options to open a subsequent screen for that particular function. For information on each of these functions, choose a section from the options below:

  • Patient Insurance Profile
  • Patient Clinical and Billing Alerts
  • Appointment/Patient Recall Alerts
  • Appointment History
  • Patient Comments
  • & Patient Ledger Information (shown to the right)

Remote Charge Entry

There is even an option for Remote Charge Entry via PC or iPhone/Smartphone!