Billing Services

Is this really for me?

If you are a Surgical Specialist or you presently bill Durable Medical Equipment, the MedNet program is tailored to your specific needs. Surgical Procedures, Enteral, Ostomy, Diabetics, Oxygen, hard goods and soft goods are all handled professionally and rapidly (we guarantee submission of clean claims within 3 – 5 business days).

What if I already have a Billing Department?

Does your system comply with the ever-changing Medicare rules and regulations? Is your billing department totally versed in Part B Billing? Do they have to be continually re-trained? Could your method of Billing “stand up” to a Medicare audit. Are you receiving every penny of reimbursement you are entitled to? Do you receive accurate, informative reports pertaining to sales and rentals? Could your billing people become DME salespeople (generating MORE profits), rather than being a cash drain?

What do I get for my money?

  • Consulting and Management Services.
  • Accurate, prompt claim submission.
  • Electronic claims submission to Medicare, Medicaid and Commercial Carriers.
  • Primary, Secondary and Private Pay claim generation.
  • Prescription Control – We generate new and renewal claims automatically. You will never have an interruption in reimbursement due to expired CMN’s not being sent to the physicians.
  • Capped Rental follow-up (asset management) – We will automatically submit Maintenance Billing every six months after an item has capped out. Furthermore, we will supply you with a list of customers who have capped so you can recover and Re-Rent those items that are not still in use.
  • Payment Posting – You will receive reimbursement directly from the carriers (they do not send payment to us!). We post payments and adjustments and supply you with Cash Receipts and an Adjustments Report.
  • Other reports and listings are available to meet your specific needs.

What Benefit is a Billing Service to Me?

  • Hassle free Claim SubmissionYOU generate the sale or service; WE handle “all” phases of Billing and Accounts Receivable Management.
  • Increased ProfitsIf “all” Bill Processing is completed for you, this will allow you to concentrate on increasing sales and rentals of Durable Medical Equipment without the worry of “who is going to cope with the ever-changing Billing environment!” This means no hiring, training, managing, equipping or maintaining a staff of Billing specialists to try to handle the maze of forms, rules, compliance regulations, files and insurance carriers needed to submit claims properly and correctly.
  • Prompt Claim Submission We guarantee submission of claims within 3-5 working days. This will allow for prompt reimbursement.
  • Answers to your Billing QuestionsYou will have access to our toll free number to ask any questions you may have concerning Billing, Reimbursement, Reports, Compliance Issues and other viable programs.